DIY Crazy, Weird, Funny Halloween Costume Ideas! Galactic Unicorn, Wizard of Oz! #Glitterween2017

NEWHCHIC is having the Halloween Haul , there will be a fun game, also big discount, up to 63% off.
NEWCHIC Halloween :
Halloween Inspire Makeup:
LED star Pillow:
Dinosaur Suit Riding:
Big Spider:
Creepy  Cockroach:
Luminous Mask:
Skeleton Gloves:
Lion head Costume:
Bloody Necklace:
Broken Wall Sticker:
NEWCHIC Snapchat @newchicfashion

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Happy Glitterween 2017! It’s #Glitterween2017 and I’m so excited to show you these cool costumes that I created using some odd items from a new favorite website called!

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  1. Do a panda, potato, pennywise, female and male alpha werewolf (only ears and tail , no fur or ripped up clothing, clothes, female no ears and tail -hidden, purple tank top, light blue booty shorts, male WITH ears and tail, red bandanna over his eyes, red and white jacket open showing his 'abs', and baggy half shorts, while him throwing a glass cup)

    Edit: female with purplish black hair, male with dark black hair, female with engagement 💍 ring

  2. I am going to be 2 things this year I am going to be Miss Amane from Death Note and a Devils Angel and BTW I am making this costumes homemade so they are diyed and Breland since u want to make more costumes for the video I want u to be Misa Amane from Death Note I want to see your version please and thank you!!!! :3

  3. Omg 😲 you are the best YouTuber in the whole entire universe I'm nine years old and when i grow up I want to be as pretty as you and a successful YouTuber like you love you so much😍😍😘😘😁😁

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