Update on my pumpkin pail

Update on my pumpkin pail

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  1. I had to pull out my trusty Dremel tool with whatever [this]( bit is called to remove the original black stuff that was on there. Those of you that said that it was black plastic bonded onto to the orange plastic were correct. That stuff was hard to remove, and even with the bit there were parts that just didn’t want to come off.

    After removing the black plastic, I sprayed a light coat of fluorescent orange paint on it. It’s transparent enough to keep the translucency of the plastic but covered the parts that had been bleached out by the sun. I bought this guy on eBay, so I’m not sure how old it is, or how it had been previously used. All I know is that it’s just like the one I had in the 80s, and I don’t see them around anymore. It’s mainly the ones with the shark teeth, now.

    Then I went in with a pocket brush filled with matte India ink and filled in his face. India ink is waterproof, but dissolves easily with Windex, so I can go in there and fix the edges more if I desire.

    [Here’s his original face.](

  2. I live in Canada and they sell these at Dollarama! Almost the exact same pail with maybe a slightly different tooth pattern. I bought like 5 the first time I saw them there. We use them to serve snacks in at our Halloween parties!

  3. And now I am on a search for vintage H-ween blow molds! Great job! And your post too! 🎃

    On a side note, I love the cassette art in the background! Did you make it yourself? Would you be so kind a take pics and inbox me them? I may want to steal this look. Unless of course you make these and a Etsy page, I would gladly pay for them.

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