Every year for my birthday, I have second Halloween! Have any of you done this?

Every year for my birthday, I have second Halloween! Have any of you done this?

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  1. Every year of my childhood my birthdays were Halloween-themed because it was my favorite holiday and because my birthday fell not long before Halloween making it easy for my mom to get the appropriate decorations, party supplies, etc.

  2. My birthday is in June, and twice at work, my friends have decorated my desk in full Halloween regalia. There is a pumpkin cake, orange and black cupcakes, gravestones, witches, bats…. it’s fantastic!

  3. Not a Halloween party – but every year around April we have a murder mystery party so we can dress up. We joke it’s our “Halfway to Halloween” party 😁

  4. Every few years we do a Halloween theme for my husband’s birthday in July. Costumes are a must.

    A really cool Halloween-themed bar just opened up near us, so I think we’re gonna do that this year, and tell everyone to dress up.

  5. I have a started new traditon for myself of Murder Mystery parties for my birthday! I find cheap games at thrift stores and garage sales, people tend to only play them once (just remember to check the contents are all there before you buy it). If you can convince people to pick characters before hand it encourages them to come in costume. Its my way of forcing another Halloween on my friends, haha.

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